Orila: les oreilles d’Athènes

Orila: les oreilles d’Athènes

Orila a toujours été un label intrigant. C’est avant tout l’aventure d’un personnage à part dans le monde de la musique. Oreilles grandes ouvertes, Yannis Iasonidis est un homme à l’écoute du monde qui défend un monde à l’écoute de l’Homme. Orila c’est son label. Son idée est d’aller chercher et travailler avec les artistes de sa terre, la Grèce. Qui sait si bien soutenir de belles perles, prendre des risques, et réussir, parfois à faire aimer au public étranger des chansons qu’on imaginait inexportables. Un pari réussi!

Puck: What is your name and what do you do at Orila?

Yannis: Yannis Iasonidis, ears at Orila.

Puck: When did you start Orila? What was the idea behind the label ?

Yannis: December 2008.

At that time I was working as a curator for a venue (former Kinky Kong) in Athens, hosting experimental theater, music and such. The creative output was quite strong, though financially it was a nightmare so we had to go forward with a sex change operation and a new venue was born (now Six Dogs) along with new needs etc. For someone who spends the majority of their time in promoting artistic merit and creative value it was like a natural progression to bounce on Orila.

Puck: Do you have a kind of label philosophy ?

Yannis: We are dedicated to the pursuit of beauty and substance.

Puck: Do you sign bands?

Yannis: Yes, we recently introduced the Orila contract.

Puck: You are in Athens, what happens over there at the moment?

Yannis: A h-u-m-a-n-i-t-a-r-i-a-n Chaos. Failure of the self. Terror by definition.

Puck: How can you draw Orila’s music style ?

Yannis: I would not risk to justify what we release as avant, cutting edge or any of those terms. We have reached the point of catholic saturation of styles or file unders or someone re-inventing this cool term for your music. What we need to do is listen to and devote time to music.

Puck: What is the future of the physical medium ?

Yannis: For experimental micro cosmos it will preserve its status weather its records, cassette tapes or CDs.

For commercial music it is obviously going to be pointless. They might as well turn to the so called “legal” downloads or tax people who hear voices for allegedly repeating a copyrighted tune.

What is really interesting though is the change in people’s attitude towards digital content. In the next few years the dominant electronic device globally, is going to be the mobile phone, not your personal computer, not your television set but your all inclusive mobile device. That will (among other things) change the way we perceive music.

Puck: What are some of your favorite bands on the label?

Yannis: The one to be released, of course!

Puck: And what kind of music are you into at the moment ?

Yannis: Frogs, Jacs & Lunar Miasma.

Puck: What does this mean for Orila, just a big mountain and these initials ORL?

Yannis: We asked Yorgia Karidi to create a logo for Orila and she came up with it, I am not sure. I will ask.

Y.K. ‘During that period I felt like drawing a mountain so upon Orila’s request (liking the idea of adding a touch of ‘greatness of nature’ to it) I combined the two. So yeah, I guess it is just a big mountain and these initials.’

(the acronym ORL comes from from the term otolaryngologist and literally means the study of ear and throat in Greek).

Puck: Couple of months ago, you uploaded this interesting trailer for your project Vounorila. What was it about?

Yannis: It was an attempt to negotiate the roles of artist-audience-producer-cinematographer. Five bands leave Athens and take to the mountains, for a special concert with only themselves the trees and the birds as an audience. Moonorila to follow !

Puck: What are your plans for the future?

Yannis: A release party for Mai pen rai (orl07), a small book edition of my grandmother’s journey from Pontus to Athens (1915-1940), a Mecha/Orga Cdr, Yorgos Aksiotis’s (Free piece of tape, Balenese beast) solo project release and acquiring a pair of the American Dj E.T. lights!

Good luck!

For more infos, visit www.orila.net


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